Image of Excepter - Christisland | LP+MP3

Excepter - Christisland | LP+MP3


A1 Christisland (16:00)
B1 Beargarden (11:27)

Full album stream and digital sale at Cejero

Excepter's first full studio recording in 5 years! Recorded in Copenhagen during the band's one month long stay Summer 2012.

Includes two postcards with pictures of churches and the Freetown Christiania in Copenhagen. 500 copies. Released in collaboration with Cejero.

As the collapse of the myths merely created new myths, the meltdown of the music industry just sprinkled new music onto the surface of vigilantism. It is somewhere between music and myth that American Excepter reside. For years the band has bent, performed and examined every physical law that the inner ear has drawn about how and why sounds are composed into music. Today they stand as pioneers of the underground's mixed gases that ultimately form the chemical backbone of our culture. To define their sound, beat and arrangement is just as difficult as answering the question whether Excepter is deconstruction or self-destruction. In their true mythical language it seems as if the band itself only navigates by the imploding stars. The Christisland EP is their first return, it was recorded in the summer of 2012 during the bands stay in Copenhagen, and is released in collaboration with Cejero.

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